WoW Patch Notes

If you forgot to read them, or want to review them, we keep a collection of links to past patches for wow on this page. It’s not bad to go back and review, and they may be a bit easier to find here than from the patch page at Blizz.  Just in case you didn’t know it, but Blizz also keeps track of all the little hotfixes and mini patches they do after each major patch.

Patches come in three flavors – past, present and future.  That’s not really so bad is it?  We’re not real concerned about past, so we’ll skip that one.  The present patch is always listed on the page at the first link, and then any hotfixes that go along with that patch get stacked on top of the major patch so you can see how they fixed what they were fixing.  For future stuff, you can sneak a peek at the PTR notes.  If you are looking for what’s coming on the PTR use the second link.

That’s it – the past is gone, the present is in the current patch notes and the future is on the PTR.  These links will always point to the right spots, so bookmark this page to make it easy on yourself.