Eviscerate Rogue Spec DPS Dagger Build 3.1

Abusing Eviscerate – Let The Raid Do The Work For You

Here’s the spec, study it and be enlightened;
Eviscerate Rogue Spec Build

Why go with this spec?

  • Honor Among Thieves – Through honor among thieves, a new era of sub rogues has come into play. Combo points are accumulated faster than any other type of spec, even in 5 man instances. As long as people are critting, you will be laying out welfare damage all over the place.
  • Obtaining the highest stats – Through the sub tree we get our 15% agility and 10% attack power. No other combination is deadlier for maxing out stats to obtain highest damage.
  • Hit and offhand still a factor – Now that we have our stats maxed, using 5/5 dual wield spec and precision will give our white damage the most it can pump out. Heading down the combat line more doesn’t help out your white damage. Just these two specs in the tree need to be fulfilled; it’s just ironic bliss that it leads right to aggression.
  • Eviscerate – It’s obvious to get improved eviscerate, what we should be grateful is that aggression is only third tier in the combat tree, allowing us for this complex, yet unique build. Eviscerate is what you will be spamming other than keeping slice and dice active.
  • Hemorrhage – This is not to be a main attack or even a concentrated damage source. All it does is allow a combo point whenever need be. Hemorrhage is cheaper in energy compared to sinister strike, and it also provides the only raid buff that rogues give. The raid however, will be only seeing a little of this. Keeping hemorrhage up is not important; it is just a tool for when the opportunity of adding more combo points arrives.

Rotation Complication?

Not at all. Rotation is simple. Eviscerate, eviscerate, eviscerate, rinse lather and repeat. Through relentless strikes and not having to rely on a combo maker, energy will rarely be a problem. Still keep in mind that slice ‘n dice is to be up at all times.


  • Glyph of Eviscerate (duh)
  • Glyph of Fan of Knives
  • Glyph of Cloak of Shadows (OR)
  • Slice ‘n Dice

I prefer shadows, sometimes survivability is the best offense, you can’t dps if you’re dead. 3 seconds of extra time on Slice n Dice doesn’t amaze me, but it does up add a lot of downtime that could have been used for an eviscerate.

Fists vs Daggers

It really doesn’t matter, just as long as one of the two are equipped for close quarters combat.  Using a fist main hand weapon will give you an extra hundred damage or so every time hemo is used, but hemo is rarely going to be used. So use the highest dps and stat weapon available. Faster weapons are always first choice for poison application, so using daggers like Webbed Death in both hands is very appropriate.

Not many people still use eviscerate, even though it’s the most basic finishing move since using a rogue from level 1, I’m just glad to finally get a use of it at end game, finally. This strat also works for pvp’ers, but compared to bleeding, using a finishing source that is direct damage is inferior. I do suggest it for rogues smart enough to exploit the kiting that we have. When kiting, bleeds are a waste of time. So getting a 5-point combo maker from cheap shot to 7k eviscerate then a blind to start it all over isn’t such a bad strat.

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