Big News In Patch 2.4.3!

One of the best ways to maintain you dominant advantage on your server is to be one step ahead of everyone else. The very best opportunities are often found in the patch notes for the PTR (Public Test Realm). If you don’t make it a habit of watching for updates and patch notes, you should.

The patch notes are great because they let you in on what’s coming well before it happens. I made a fortune in gold when I read that Shaman were going to get dual-wielding in a previous patch. All I did was go buy up all the axes on the ah for a couple of weeks and then put them all back up for sale the day the patch went live!

To see the latest patch notes, bookmark this link:

The next patch is 2.4.3 and while there isn’t anything of interest from the gold-making perspective, it does contain some really big news that will get everyone in a tizzy. We wanted you to hear it from us first.

Mounts will now be available at level 30! That’s right, and not only that, but the cost for the apprentice riding training has been reduced to 35 gold. This is really going to speed things up when working on a new alt since your travel times from quest to quest will be drastically reduced for those classes without travel speed forms or talents.

Some other interesting tidbits in the next patch:

Tailoring – The cooldown for regular mooncloth will be removed completely
Rogue – Cheat death seems to be nerfed to a large degree
Shaman – Lightening Overload will also be nerfed, although it’s almost impossible to tell how much
Warlock – Curse of Shadows is gone completely, while Curse of Elements takes on shadow buff properties
Quests – Several quests have been fixed. One, the Blueleaf Tubers quest in RFK, has been broken for as long as I can remember – I’ve actually skipped it for years now.

Head over to the link above and check out the hundreds of minor details. It’s definitely worth the time to read the patch notes, there’s always a few exciting fixes, otherwise they wouldn’t go to the trouble to change them! OH, and get ready to enjoy your mount at level 30! Mounts at level 30 is a dominating occurrence in my book.

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